Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. If it doesn't help, please write to eastrosdevs@gmail.com

Which platforms are supported?

iPhone and Android at the moment. Windows Phone only supports contact export due to limitations in platform.

App says my QR code is expired, how do I get a new one?

Please visit following URL and upload your backup Excel file: c2xv2.eastros.com/app/c/new.
When your Excel file is submitted, you'll see a new QR code. Scan it with app to import your contacts.

Does it store contacts on a server?

It stores exported contacts temporarily and then automatically deletes them after a week.

Why does it temporarily store contacts on a server?

Contacts are stored on server so they can be restored back by scanning associated QR code.

I don't want to let C2X store my contacts on its servers, tell me what to do?

After you export your contacts, open export email, click "Open Details Page", click "Delete".

Does it permanently delete the contacts?

Yes, either your contacts are expired automatically, or you have deleted them manually, they are completely removed from the servers.

How to import contacts from excel?

My QR code is not working, what do I do?

Follow these steps to import your contacts

  • Open your backup email.

  • Download excel file.

  • Go here: https://c2xv2.eastros.com/app/c/new

  • Upload excel file.

  • You will get (1) a new QR code (2) a character code in URL (shown in red).

  • Either scan the QR code from C2X app or use the code in url to import your contacts.

  • Please note QRCode and the url code will only be valid for upto 7 days. After that you will have to generate a new one by following steps mentioned above.